Worn tires and rims - when is it time for the workshop?

At FelsenFix in Hamburg, we repair worn tires and rims every day and safely replace damaged parts. But when is it actually time to visit our workshop in Stade for rim repairs and rim preparation? We explain which repairs and cleanings you can do yourself and when it's time to contact a professional. If you wish, we can of course take care of all the work on the car so that it runs smoothly: From cleaning the rims to changing the tires, you can take your four wheels with you FelgenFix get brought into shape.

Good reasons for visiting a workshop at FelsenFix Hamburg

Dirt and damage to tires and rims endanger driving safety and spoil the aesthetics. A visit to the FelsenFix workshop in Stade near Hamburg is therefore also worthwhile for problems that do not appear too serious at first glance. The more carefully you take care of the professional maintenance of your rims, the longer the individual parts will last. This in turn has an effect on driving safety - so don't put off your next tire and rim check, but come to us right away FelgenFix or use our convenient pick-up and delivery service. We explain what damage you can easily repair yourself and when to call the RimFix professional for rim preparation is advisable. 

Tires and rims checklist

1. Dirt

  • You can remove superficial dirt yourself with a sponge and hot water. here we have provided instructions for cleaning the rims for you.
  • Burnt-in dirt caused by brake dust is difficult to remove and can permanently destroy the coating on the rim. Brake dust cannot be removed by hand, you should consult our cleaning professionals for car rims.
  • Whether coarse dirt needs to be removed or you simply want to have your rims polished to a high gloss by a professional: you can contact our rim cleaning experts in Stade for any type of rim cleaning. We also offer a convenient pick-up service for dirty and damaged tires throughout the Hamburg area.

 2. Scratches

  • Stay after cleaning superficial scratches back, a polish often helps. Wheel rims can be cleaned and polished by hand or by ours FelgenFix Let professionals do it in a few hours.
  • at scratches from 1 mm deep a visit to the rim experts in Hamburg is unavoidable. In this case, the rim must be completely replaced.

 3. Cracks

  • Fine cracks in the rim are hardly noticeable at first glance. Such a crack is often only noticed after thorough cleaning.
  • Rim cracks are a safety risk for drivers that should not be underestimated! If you notice a cracked rim, you should stop driving your car and contact our rim repair shop FelsenFix immediately

4. Dents and dents

  • You should prefer dents in the rim don't bulge yourself. Any changes to the structure of the rim are not permitted in Germany. This also includes the bulging of smaller or larger pressure points.
  • In this guide explain our FelgenFix Professionals, which damage to aluminum rims you can repair yourself and when repairs are not permitted and a new rim is needed.

RimFix in Hamburg: We solve every rim problem

The visit at FelgenFix worth it for all kinds of dirt and damage. We check on site whether the rim can be repaired or whether an identical replacement is needed and make sure that you can start driving again with shiny and safe rims as quickly as possible. In addition to rim preparation and rim cleaning, we also offer tire changes and all services related to wheels, tires and rim suspension.