How is a rim constructed? Rim dimensions at a glance

If you want to work on your wheels or have new tires fitted, you should know the exact dimensions of your rims. For hobby mechanics and professional rim preparation professionals, the exact dimensions of the rim are crucial in order to be able to carry out their work precisely. But where exactly is this information actually located and how do I read it correctly? With our brief guide to determining rim dimensions, you can dimensions of your rim find out quickly and easily.

Here you will find the most important information

Information about the dimensions of your rim is not noted in the vehicle registration document. Before you contact a rim specialist or get advice on new tires, you should therefore operating instructions or the manualcheck your car.

These terms are important for the rim preparation

  • Maulweite: The width of the rim is also known as Maulweite specified and determines how wide a tire should be that is mounted on the rim.
  • Of the outside diameter of the rim must always correspond to the inner diameter of the tire.
  • if Hump or double hump (marked with H) are elevations in the rim bed that serve to stabilize the tire.
  • The offset designates the distance of the rim between the center of the wheel and the contact surface. The greater the offset, the further the rim is offset inwards and the narrower the track.
  • hole count refers to the number of screws required to fasten the rim. The information Lochkreis refers to the distance between the screws.
  • Last is always the Center hole diameter


An example: This is the information in the vehicle's operating instructions 

7,5 x 17



AND 35

LK 5 x 112


Width (mouth width)

x outer diameter



Lochzahl x Lochkreis

Center hole diameter


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