How does the rim repair work? 4 good reasons for professional preparation

 Every car owner has a special relationship with their car: Some people put a lot of time and money into their wheels and pay close attention to good car care. Others see their car as a means to an end and don't mind dirt or scratches. True enthusiasts prefer to do as many repairs themselves as possible and are more than happy to spend their weekends screwing, polishing and driving. No matter what type of driver you are: If you notice wheel damage, you should always contact a specialist. Simple cracks and dents can quickly lead to dangerous consequential damage, which specialists like us can identify in good time, improve and, if the worst comes to the worst, replace.

A broken rim can be so dangerous

Superficial scratches and dents in rims are annoying, but initially not dangerous. Only when moisture and ice come into contact with the damaged paint does the rim lose stability and become a problem. High impact and deep curb scratches can also damage a rim so severely that it becomes a road hazard:

  • Worn rims eventually lose stability and eventually bend.
  • Also through bumps and dentsthe rim deforms and causes the wheel to wobble when driving. The higher the speed, the stronger the undesirable leverage effect, which seriously jeopardizes driving safety.
  • Both scratches and dents can weaken the structure of the rim. In the worst case, the rim breaks while driving - a life-threatening situation for you and for other drivers!

Professional preparation for your rims - even useful for small scratches!

Even with minor scratches and dents, you should have the damage assessed by a specialist. The professional repair of rims makes sense for various reasons:

  • The repair of structural rim damage is prohibited by law in Germany. Our experienced FelgenFixemployees can Assess damage correctly and know exactly which repairs make sense and when a wheel rim replacement is necessary.
  • Every rim material has certain properties that must be taken into account when treating it. We know exactly how to treat aluminium, chrome and other materials with care Damage caused by incorrect treatment ruled out and the result is always optimal.
  • Even heavy soiling and coarse scratches can be made almost invisible by professionals. Professionals even out deep scratches with finely tuned replacement material and then sand down the repaired areas cleanly. This filigree work requires a lot of experience and is hardly possible in the garage at home.
  • One Comprehensive insurance usually covers rim repairs. Stone chips, curb damage and other rim damage can be repaired immediately without having to dig into your pocket yourself.