What is CNC burnishing? The modern refinement for aluminum rims

A modern refinement technique for aluminum rims is burnishing (that too CNC-Diamantdrehen, diamond copying or front polishing is called). With this highly advanced technique, we can make obsolete aluminum rims shine and create a luxurious two-tone effect in one step. Most new rims are already finished with this effect during production - if your rims are getting old, they will look better after this treatment than when they were new.

This is how processing with CNC diamond turning technology works

In our hamburger FelgenFix In our workshop, we are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC lathes that remove a wafer-thin layer from the aluminum rims with a diamond. In this way, we can also make new rims with a two-tone finish look like new after they have been damaged.

  • The contours of the rims are digitally recorded in the machine. This allows us to polish every rim to fit perfectly.
  • The CNC diamond turning technology can be carried out on new and used aluminum rims.
  • Slight curb damage is simply twisted out of the material, no replacement material is required and there are no scars. 


We upgrade your aluminum rims

Through CNC bright turning, we bring out the best in new and old aluminum rims. We can also upgrade rims made of other materials with modern technology - but the diamond turning technology is only for aluminum surfaces suitable. If you are unsure which treatment suits your rims, contact our FelgenFix Repair service by phone or email. We can repair all types of rims and also replace if the damage is too great.