Tuning of tires and rims - what is allowed?

With autotuning, lovers of motorized driving can let off steam creatively and design their car according to their own wishes... Not quite! For many tuning measures you need a in Germany Parts certificate and a valid general operating permit (ABE). When it comes to wheel tuning, appraisers and police patrols take it very seriously. Before you make any changes to the tyres, the rims or the wheels in general, you should find out exactly what is permitted without an expert opinion and what is not. We have summarized the most important points about wheel tuning and explain how you can safely jet through Hamburg with your tuned tires.

Part certificate, ABE and individual acceptance: What do I need for my rim tuning?

If you make changes to your car, the general operating permit could expire under certain circumstances - this means that you are no longer allowed to drive the car on the road. In the general operating permit (ABE) are all Standard dimensions according to factory condition specified for rims and tires. If the dimensions of the tuned rim deviate from the information in the ABE (including offset, rim width and other dimensions), the general operating permit must be reissued after an individual report will. Such an individual appraisal is very expensive, so you should prepare an exact tuning plan before visiting the TÜV and have all changes made approved by an appraiser.

The right certificate for every tuning

  • Newly installed parts that meet the requirements of the ABE require a mounting approval according to §19(3) StVZO. You should always have your ABE and parts certificate with you when driving to be able to prove that your car is really allowed to drive on the road.
  • If parts deviate from the standard dimensions in the ABE, a new ABE must be created as part of an individual acceptance according to §19(2)/21 StVZO.

Autotuning in Hamburg: Your partner for tuned rims

  • Many professional work steps in rim tuning can be done by us FelgenFix Rim preparation professionals do it for you. We would be happy to advise you on the possible implementation of your ideas and carry out individual work steps according to your personal tuning wishes.
  • We carry out repairs and preparation of rims in our FelgenFix Workshop in Stade near Hamburg with the most modern machines.
  • We can do CNC bright turning, powder coating, polishing work and other improvements in the shortest possible time.

Short summary: You need these things for tuning

  • parts certificates for all newly installed parts as proof of their roadworthiness.
  • One cultivation approval (according to §19(3) StVZO) is necessary to prove that the certified parts were installed correctly. No change in the papers is necessary after a cultivation inspection, it is sufficient to carry the corresponding report with you.
  • After a individual acceptance (according to §19(2)/21 StVZO) all changes must be entered directly into the papers by the responsible office.

New tires for standard rims: is that allowed?

One of the most popular steps in tuning is putting on new tires. When it comes to tire tuning, size matters: Not every tire can be mounted on every rim!

That is to be noted

  • Of the rolling circumference of the new tire must not exceed the maximum tire size specified in the CoC by more than 1% and must not fall below -4%.
  • You can ask the tire manufacturer whether the tire you want can be fitted. Most manufacturers keep lists of the compatibility of their products and can create so-called tire approvals
  • If you are unsure whether the tires of your choice fit your rims, contact our FelgenFixExperts in the Rim Fix workshop in Stade near Hamburg. 

RimFix in Hamburg: Rim tuning with professional support

Simply bring your tuning rims to our family business FelgenFix in Stade or use our practical pick-up service anywhere in Hamburg. We also support tuning fans throughout Germany: Simply contact our team by phone and we will take care of all the logistics to keep your rims safe to the workshop and with the desired tuning back to your front door bring to.