Recognizing damage to the rim: This is how you prevent worse scratches

Car rims have to endure a lot in every season: After just a few months, a rim no longer looks like new due to hot brake dust, curb scratches, dirt and flying stones. We from Rim fix in Hamburgcheck rims made of aluminum and other materials every day: With a little know-how, you can also assess at home whether stains that are difficult to remove are superficial dirt on the rim or whether the coating has been damaged: Dirt or damage? We from FelgenFix know the difference.

Common reasons for dirt and damage to the rim

  • brake dust is hot dust produced by braking from tire abrasion and road dirt. The dust is kicked up and burns through the protective coating of the rim over time. In our family-run FelgenFix We repair damage caused by brake dust every day in our wheel rim workshop in Hamburg.
  • Through rain and wet roads Limescale and dirt settle in corners and cracks in the rim.
  • Is the superficial paintwork once damaged, dirt or dust collects there more quickly.

Danger! Don't wash the rims

When cleaning rims, stubborn dirt sometimes turns out to be scratches or damage to the paintwork. When a Stain not removed even with detergent and hard pressure can be, no violence will help! Throughscrubbing too hard you could also damage the paint on the rim. In such a case, it is better to call a rim expert in ours RimFix rim workshop to rate. We assess the condition of the rim and repair superficial damage and dirt of all kinds.

Remote assessment for customers outside of Hamburg and the surrounding area

In our RimFix rim workshop in Stade near Hamburg we make it as easy as possible for our customers to have their rims repaired. For customers from Northern Germany in We offer a pick-up service within a radius of 100 km around Stade for rims. If you live further away, you can  You can easily send in your rims and have them assessed and repaired remotely. For customers who Collection or delivery service for our RimFix rim repair in Hamburg, we recommend a remote assessment via photo first. Not every rim damage may be repaired, which is why our experts for rim repairs and rim cleaning can provide an initial assessment of the necessary work steps by means of photos.

damage or dirt? Our RimFix rim experts know their stuff

If dirt cannot be removed with your usual rim cleaning routine, contact oursFelgenFix Rim professionals for an initial assessment: Whether on the car or with photo documentation, we can immediately identify the possible and necessary rim repairs and provide a rough cost estimate for the necessary repairs to the rim.