With aluminum rims through the winter - which aluminum rims are winterproof?

In winter you have probably noticed how many drivers drive around on dirty steel rims to protect their aluminum rims. actually are not all alloy wheels for winter use suitable: Without special treatment, the surface is susceptible to corrosion from cold, ice and grit. Almost all major manufacturers now offer so-called winter rims - the frost-resistant aluminum rims are corrosion-resistant like steel rims and are in no way inferior to conventional aluminum rims. We help customers who also want to drive with high-quality aluminum rims in winter FelgenFix in the vicinity of Hamburg.


4 reasons why rims need more protection in winter

  • road salt in the ground also settles on the rims and attacks the coating.
  • Aluminum is less cold resistant than steel. at frost and snow the surface is more prone to scratches and signs of wear.
  • If the asphalt wet is, the finest particles from the tires and from the road burn into the rim surface. With a strong coat of paint, you can easily wash off brake dust.
  • Mountains of snow on the side of the road are a nightmare for rims and leave behind large scratches such as curbs: rims with a high-quality coating are scratch-resistant and are hardly damaged by icy snow.


Winter-proof aluminum rims - not only practical in the cold season

In order to make aluminum rims winter-proof, the surface is treated with a strong paint that is not attacked by frost, salt and stone chips. The durable powder coating is not only suitable for winter, but also protects aluminum rims in summer from damage caused by wear and tear and from scratches caused by curb damage or stone chips. With the right coating, you can use your rims all year round.


We tune your rims!

Winterize your rims: Ours FelgenFix-Experts bring rims of all sizes into top condition using the latest technology so that they can survive even the coldest of winters. If there is a small damage, our competent employees repair small scratches and surface damage within a few hours. We close simple aluminum rims All-round rims for every season: Use our convenient pick-up service for the entire north and let us deliver your rims to your front door like new.