Buying used rims – You should pay attention to this when buying used rims

New rims aren't cheap and manufacturing is bad for the environment, so drivers try to delay buying new ones for as long as possible. Used rims can often be found at bargain prices on the internet, but the supposedly low price is sometimes deceptive:

If the rim is in poor condition, the necessary reconditioning may cost more than a new part. In the worst case, the used rims are so damaged that they are no longer permitted on the road. Since structural damage is not always immediately apparent, you should always check used rims carefully before buying them. We have put together a few tips for buying rims:

Checklist – You should check these things before you buy

1. Check rims for damage
Minor signs of wear on the surface are normal. Laypersons find it difficult to distinguish simple signs of wear from thread tears and other dangerous damage, which is why you should always ask an expert for help with the assessment when buying privately. Even seemingly minor damage can lead to dangerous fractures and cracks if left untreated. If you buy used rims from a specialist dealer, you usually get a guarantee

2. Check the size of the rims
To check whether the rims fit on your bikes, you should note the following dimensions and identification numbers:

- The row dimension
- hole diameter
- Bolt circle (fitting accuracy, size)
- Dimensions of the wheel hub bores

3. General operating license
All permissible rims receive a so-called general operating permit (ABE). The operating permit is issued by TÜV and can apply to vehicles and vehicle parts. You are not allowed to use your new rims on the road without an ABE!

Unsure about size, condition or ABE? Ask a professional!

Our RimFix professionals can solve any rim problem. If you want to check rims for safety before making a purchase or need help determining the right rim size for your car, our friendly staff are on hand to help. Contact our workshop for rim preparation and rim repairs in Hamburg and let our specialists advise you. Since even supposedly minor damage can lead to major problems, we advise against private purchases without professional advice.