Movie rims – what Hollywood heroes (crave) for

Whether you want to be the first to reach the finish line, catch up with a fugitive criminal or even want to evade your pursuers: If Hollywood heroes hit the gas pedal, is then far more than just a rim repair required by the rim expert. From the tranquil Stade near Hamburg, the film-loving team throws FelgenFix Today, take a look at the cars that are making some of the most popular cinema series of our time so fast-paced. It's a point of honor that we take a particularly close look at your rims!

RimFix Hollywood rim tips

For iconic film characters, especially in the action genre, it is considered good manners to be associated with a specific car. While some Hollywood warhorses have firm favorites, others have shown a willingness to diversify over the course of their screen careers. These gems race at FelgenFix in Hamburg again and again on the screen: 

1. Rims on the Ford Mustang Boss 429 from the "John Wick" series

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) hardly finds a relaxing minute as a hitman in the not-yet-retired. While he uses almost every conceivable object in the fight against his opponents, he has a clear one in terms of auto technology Fondness for Ford Mustangs. So his misery begins with the theft of a Ford Mustang Boss 429, which was only produced from 1969 to 1970. Only 1359 copies of this muscle car are said to exist worldwide; so these days prospective buyers need good luck and a six-figure dollar sum on the high side. It's understandable that Wick reacts quite irritated...

After all, they also add up 15-inch five-spoke rims perfectly into the characterful overall picture of the classic: the sporty ones Magstar alloy wheels have been used on Shelby Mustangs since the mid-1960s and have definitely stood the test of time. It's a dream for teams like ours to lay hands on a Ford Mustang Boss 429. Needless to say that FelgenFix is also available for dream cars like this one! Not only do we bring standard aluminum rims to a high gloss, we also know how to deal with luxury rims made of higher-quality materials.

2. The Aston Martin DB5 from the "James Bond" series and its rims

Although there are several constants in the life of James Bond, the agent on Her Majesty's Secret Service is notorious for his erratic nature. The martini is basically shaken, the gadgets come from Q and the muzzle flash comes from the Walther, but: only the Bond girl and adversaries change more often than the wheels that 007 relies on. In accordance with his nature, the agent's cars also shine with a pronounced sense of style - be it in the case of the Lotus Esprit models by Roger Moore, the shapely BMW Z3 (Pierce Brosnan) or the Ford Mustang Mach 1 driven by Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever".

But only one car brand is inseparably linked to James Bond: since its first cinema appearance in 1964 ("Goldfinger"), the Aston Martin DB5 in particular has been a welcome guest in British agent adventures. Almost 60 years after Sean Connery first sat behind the wheel of today's classic car, he once again did Daniel Craig's Bond interpretation in No Time to Die well. The sports car races through the narrow streets of Matera in southern Italy on tires made by 15-inch rims with a noble-looking spoked wheel (with a total of 72 filigree spokes) to be carried. Timeless! Especially when a rim preparation now and then ensures maximum glamorous details.    

3. Dodge Charger R / T from the "Fast and Furious" series

No modern car-related film franchise has wowed the masses quite like the Fast saga. Over the course of the long-running series, chase scenes have come a long way from the tedious rules of physics, but the cars involved are (in most cases, at least) real. For example the Bollide, in which series veteran Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) prefers to go to the petrol-soaked battlefield for the family: The Dodge Charger R/T, year of production 1970. The Chrysler muscle car has 900 horsepower and appears slightly different from film to film. Both paintwork and grille trim change over time; the position of the Supercharger also varies.

Toretto's turbulent living conditions also mean that he can hardly remain loyal to a certain pair of rims. In the first part, his R/T is equipped with the usual standard set – comparatively inconspicuous rims with five closed spokes. The gives more insightten-spoke light alloy variant that is used in "Fast & Furious 7"., while the Dodge Charger R/T parked in the family garage was replaced by a almost completely closed rim in Ronal Racing style accents. 


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Do your rims look like you've been through an action scene? Would you like to know that your bikes are always in the best possible condition through regular care? If Rim repair or rim preparation: If you want to be seen in Hamburg and the surrounding area with a set of rims that are almost film-ready, we salute you FelgenFix Welcome to Stade at any time!