Rim protection from the professionals: what does a powder coating do for rims?

Rims give your car the necessary stability when driving and determine the general look. Not a single scratch should disturb the aesthetics of your rims - also for safety reasons! In our FelgenFix Rim workshop in the north, we protect the surfaces of steel and aluminum rims with paint or powder coatings. But what is the difference between powder coating and painting? 3 good reasons for powder coating we have summarized for you:

 1. Optimal surface protection with powder coating

After a powder coating, metal surfaces are completely sealed and less sensitive to scratches, brake dust and stone chips. The coating is of higher quality and more durable than conventional paint finishes.

2. Realize your dream wheel design

Tuning enthusiasts see powder coating technology as a cheap and elegant way to give cars more individuality: If the rim has not already been powder-coated, you can choose the color of your rims and have them finished matt or glossy.

 3. Powder coatings for easy-care rims

Powder-coated rims are easier to clean than painted rims because hot brake dust cannot burn into the surface. After the treatment you can keep your rims clean with dishwater and a sponge. Caustic rim cleaner is practically no longer necessary - this also protects the environment! 

You have to take this into account with powder-coated rims

  • Powder coated finishes not polished. Even after cleaning at home, you should avoid polishing.
  • Painted rims must first be treated with special machines before they can be recoated. Our FelgenFix-Professionals can seal used rims with a new powder coating after CNC burnishing - after the professional treatment, your rims are better than new from the factory!
  • powder coatings are more expensive than paint, but the surface stays clean and sealed for longer.


Powder coating or painting? We would be happy to advise you!
Your rims don't look like new anymore? You don't have to make the decision for paint or powder coating alone: ours FelgenFix-Experts will be happy to advise you and can calculate the exact costs for the new coating in advance. We also produce colored rims according to your wishes, so that everything is perfect on your tuning car. Contact us by email or call the friendly FelgenFix-Service in Stade near Hamburg!


Germany-wide service for rim preparation and rim repair
You should not drive a meter too far on damaged rims. We therefore not only look after customers in our workshop in Stade near Hamburg. In the entire area from Hamburg to Bremen (100 km radius), we offer a convenient pick-up service for rims and bring them back in top condition. If you live outside the 100 km radius, our logistics partners will take care of the safe transport to your front door.