Rim repair and rim preparation - What's the difference

Many Rim services such as FelsenFix in Hamburg offer rim repair and rim preparation - but what is the difference? The type of repair always depends on the severity of the damage. Incidentally, repairs that go beyond purely cosmetic preparation are only possible if there is no structural damage to the rim. We explain the differences between rim preparation, rim repair and structural damage that make a rim replacement necessary.


1. Rim preparation

One speaks of rim preparation when it comes to purely cosmetic repairs possible: scratches up to 1 mm deep can be leveled out without any problems if they are not too far from the edge of the rim. After a rim preparation, the rim looks like new - scratches are no longer visible. Rim preparations make sense every few years even if there is no visible damage to the paintwork.


2. Rim repair

Rim repairs are carried out on deeper scratches. In addition to superficial paintwork repairs, our FelgenFix Specialists also renew powder coatings and renew the rims with CNC bright turning. Rim repairs extend the life of damaged rims.


Help with severe rim damage

If the rim damage is too serious, the repair is prohibited by law. Even rims made of certain materials may not be repaired. This is because after structural damage, the rim becomes more unstable and fracture could occur. As you can imagine, a broken rim shouldn't end up on the road while you're driving - that's why rim damage needs to be evaluated by a professional before repairs can be made. Before the repair, we check every rim in our Hamburg rim workshop and assess the damage. Our FelgenFix Rim experts are happy to advise customers and can assess exactly which repairs are necessary and feasible for your rims.