Rim preparation costs - how much does damage to the rim cost?

Many customers only come to our FelgenFix workshop near Hamburg when it is too late for their rims. Drivers only really save money and resources if any damage to the paintwork is repaired as quickly as possible. The better a rim is cared for, the longer it will last. The cost of rim repairs varies depending on the treatment required and, in certain cases, is covered by insurance. We provide you with an overview so that you know what to expect for every rim repair.

Rim repairs at no cost with fully comprehensive insurance
Rims without damage are not only a question of aesthetics, but also a question of safety. Those with fully comprehensive insurance get the costs for their wheel rim repairs from almost all insurance companies to 100 % replaced. If you notice rim damage, you should contact your insurance company as early as possible so that you do not lose your right to reimbursement of the rim repair costs.

Small repairs under 100 euros
We can repair scratches and small dents or paint damage for a small fee at FelsenFix. We prepare rims like new from the factory - we can remove superficial dirt and damage without leaving any residue. Basic treatment includes:

  • Repair of curb damage (from 15 euros)
  • Professional rim cleaning
  • Paint rims with clear coat
  • Polish rim well
  • CNC-Glanzdrehen

Powder coating: The safe seal for your rims
In addition to conventional rim painting and rim repairs, we also offer high-quality powder coatings to seal the surface. How expensive it is to powder coat your rims depends on the size: we can process all common rim sizes in our specialized machines to make them look new and last a long time.

Save money with rim preparation
Rims cost several hundred euros each. If you take good care of your rims, you save a lot of money and drive more safely. We from FelgenFix prepare your rims and smooth out small and large scratches. If the rims are badly damaged, they must be replaced - you can completely avoid structural damage caused by wear and tear with regular rim care.