Rims with fame: The footballers' cars and their rims

Fans of tabloids and celebrity news are of course aware that footballers don't exactly live modestly. The luxury bodies of the professional athletes are impressive: some people pay almost as much for special paintwork or unusual rims as for the luxury car itself FelgenFix like to look over our task as Rim conditioner in Hamburg out and show on which rims your stars are driving. The luxury look of your dream rims doesn't have to cost a fortune: we can do high-quality paintwork and powder coatings for rims FelgenFix Can also be used on aluminum materials without any problems. We would be happy to advise you if you are looking for luxury-style aluminum rims based on the example of the great soccer players or if you simply want to get the most out of your rims.


These footballers especially like to splurge

Some footballers just can't help it: On social media platforms like Instagram and Tic Toc, the richest of the rich fight veritable swanky duels and proudly show off the best pieces from their garage. The celebrities let us take a deep look: We took a close look at the footballers' luxury cars and identified clear trends among the rims:


1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang likes it flashy

Auba's impressive car collection includes many luxury German models and one Bentley Bentayga at least three other Lamborghinis and two Ferraris:

  • Two identical ones Lamborghini Urus in chrome gold adorn the footballer's garage. Visually, they can only be distinguished by their rims: The 23-inch rims for his Urus are 5-spoke and have black chrome-plated wire spokes seen in his pictures on Instagram.

  • Of the Ferrari LaFerrari from 2013 was only produced 499 times: One belongs to Aubameyang, who fundamentally changed the typical red Ferrari look. In addition to an elaborate psychedelic chrome foil, the style icon also opted for one matt black finish of the alloy wheels. The 458 set of 25 inch Italia rims with star spokes were originally made in matt metallic.

  • Also be Lamborghini Huracan Performante with a red coupé roof (Spyder) stands out even more with its crass psychedelic chrome finish. Not that the luxury sports car of 2018 needs it: As stylish as the car is, it comes with it as standard 21-inch alloy wheels painted black delivered, which Auba has apparently not changed.

  • Also the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster has a removable roof and was created to wave to the people: The super luxury model is started with a start button under a red hood like a rocket launcher. No wonder Aubameyang the Roadster with black rims chose and additionally had it coated with chrome gold foil. The double-spoke luxury rims are as 20 inch and 21 inch rims available.

  • Aubameyang also prefers black-painted alloy wheels for his “normal” Ferraris and sports car models from other brands.


2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The classic guy 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic treats himself: The footballer regularly posts new luxury bodies that he treats himself to for his birthday, Christmas or just because. The footballer usually leaves the rims in the classic factory condition. He also dispenses with complex foiling and painting. 

  • Of the Ferrari Monza SP2 is a perfect testament to Ibrahimovic's sense of style. 3-piece rims with 20 incheswere perfectly color matched to the paintwork by Ferrari.

  • Zlatan can also have one of the strictly limited ones Ferrari LaFerrari from 2013 to call his own. Unlike Auba, he chose classic colors: yellow lacquer with 20-inch alloy wheels with a matt metallic look.

  • Of the Porsche 918 Spyder is a legend among car collectors and fans of luxury bodies. Ibrahimovic can call his own a deep black Porsche with the typical unique spoke work.


3. The biggest car freak among footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo

McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche: Ronaldo has them all. The luxury cars in Ronaldo's collection almost all come from strictly limited collections - almost all models are now worth many times more than the original base price. What is also striking in this collection is that almost all rims were left in their factory condition or subsequently painted black.


The luxury trend: Black rims, bright colors

When professionals like us from FelgenFix Looking at the car collections of the stars is striking: Individual changes always only affect the color. Whether you find it stylish or embarrassing when a red Ferrari suddenly appears wrapped in white foil or a limited-edition Lamborghini with Psychedelic Chrome foil shines like candy, the bodywork and rims are never changed. After all, what would a Porsche 918 Spyder be without its special Porsche 918 rims? Even if footballers sometimes go astray when it comes to paintwork and coloring: A Ferrari star is always a Ferrari star. who absolutely deviate from the classic design wants, who chooses simple black finishes for his luxury rims. 

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