Buying rims from abroad: what should be considered?

Flashy rims are rarely seen in Germany apart from the tuning scene. Luxury models from legendary manufacturers like Avant Garde Wheels from the USA or Ray Wheels from Japan are therefore a real eye-catcher in this country. The more exotic, the higher quality the rims appear on our streets with plastic hubcaps. We from FelgenFix can measure and precisely prepare rims of all kinds by machine. Before you get bikes from abroad, however, you should consider a few things so that you can ride them:

Don't drive without an ECE certificate
Internationally manufactured car parts without an ECE certificate do not meet German standards and may not be used in this country without an individual approval. The ECE certificate used to be a major obstacle to buying rims from abroad: In the meantime, international manufacturers have retrofitted and also offer their models specifically for European cars. If you buy rims from an international manufacturer, you should first get information from the TÜV and the manufacturer and have the necessary certificates presented to you. Otherwise, the rims must be checked by a German TÜV body and approved individually, which can result in additional four-digit costs.

The street becomes more colourful
The car market is adapting and luxury rims from international manufacturers are now also available with valid certificates for German bodies. This ensures an unprecedented diversity on German roads. In Hamburg and Buxtehude, too, we are increasingly discovering creatively designed wheel rims on the streets and at work. In our Rim workshop for rim repair and rim preparation in Hamburg we not only bring back aluminum rims from the manufacturer to the factory level, but we can also measure and precisely process special models.

The ECE type approval briefly explained

  1. The ECE type approval is also called EC type approval. Both terms certify a Europe-wide approval for car components.

  2. Also, some non-EU countries accept the ECE standard, so ECE parts can also in Brazil or in Australia installed without additional certificates.

  3. The ECE certificate replaces the usual ABE certificate in Germany. If there is an ECE certificate, you do not need any further registration papers.


    CNC bright turning and powder coating for each model
    In our FelgenFix Rim workshop in Hamburg, we can measure the dimensions of exotic rims by machine. This is how every rim can be processed by our modern machines. Our rim service ranges from tire changes and cleaning to rim painting and powder coating through to polishing fresh alloys.