The most expensive rims in the world - These luxury rims make an impression everywhere

Anyone interested in luxury bodies, special paint finishes and major brands from automobile manufacturers knows that a car is only as stylish as its rims. There are only a few leading rim brands in the world that fans of elegant driving should know about. In our workshop for rim repairs in Hamburg, we mostly deal with normal tasks related to rim preparation, such as CNC burnishing, rim repairs and rim replacement. If a piece of jewelery from the brands mentioned below comes in, our experienced rim professionals will drop their tools for a moment: You really don't see these luxury rims every day in Stade and Hamburg!


The most popular luxury brands for rims: A must for every luxury car

Manufacturers of high-quality rims usually have their roots in racing. Many American rim manufacturers have adapted their range for the European market.


1. ADV.1

Rims from the American manufacturer ADV.1 with headquarters in Miami/Florida are in demand worldwide and affordable even for average earners. The manufacturer serves a wide range of models and brings the alloy wheels from racing onto the road. Even tuned vintage cars are often included ADV.1 Rims loaded because the retro look of the wire spoke designs goes well with old muscle cars.


2. Avant Garde Wheels

The luxury rims of Avant Garde Wheels are undoubtedly part of the high-end equipment for your personal centerpiece in the garage. With complex alloys and decorative designs, the rim manufacturer lives up to its noble name.

For VIP customers, the Avant Garde Wheels group with AG Luxury one more: In the luxury section, customers can admire the world's best in the art of rim manufacturing. The completely gold-plated AGL72 light-alloy wheels, which are individually adapted to the bodywork and braking systems of the associated luxury car, is just one impressive example from the high-end collection.


3. HRE Performance Wheel

Also HRE Performance Wheel equips luxury cars with individually manufactured rims. In addition to the affordable monoblok rims, which are made from one piece, you can also find multicolored ones here 2-Piece and 3-Piece Designs with contrasting spokes.


4. Rays Wheels

The Japanese manufacturer Rays Wheels relies on simple elegance. This manufacturer is also inspired by racing for its designs and serves customers worldwide. Without knowledge of English and basic specialist knowledge, Rays Wheels can hardly be found in this country without a concierge, which makes the wow factor even greater on the road.


5. WORK Wheels

The luxury manufacturer sells its models from Japan worldwide via shops in the UK, USA and Europe. The brand was able to establish itself on the market with its excellently designed 2-piece and 3-piece concepts.


Rims from all over the world for rim preparation in Stade 

Our young and committed team is always up to date when it comes to rim preparation, rim repair and rim tuning: In our RimFix rim workshop in Stade near Hamburg we work with the most modern techniques and undergo regular training in order to be able to keep up with the fast-paced standards of the industry. Rim service in Hamburg, such as repairing rims, professional rim cleaning, sandblasting rims or painting rims, we carry out daily on bodies in all price ranges. Luxury rims from abroad remain something special for professionals like us: perfection is required with these brands!

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