Repairing or replacing aluminum rims - when is repairing allowed?

Most car manufacturers these days build visually appealing steel or aluminum rims into their modern models - as a practical-minded driver you may not have given your rims much thought. Here is the condition of the rims not just a matter of style: Even small scratches can too irreparable haircuts that can become dangerous on the road. Our rim specialists in the FelgenFixworkshop in Stade near Hamburg examine small scratches on your rim and check for damage can be remedied with purely cosmetic treatments, or whether the rim needs to be completely replaced to ensure driving safety.


DIY – You can do these rim repairs yourself

Small cosmetic treatments like that Rounding of notches or the Treatment with rim cleaner and the subsequent polishing can be done by drivers at home. As soon as you deep scratches that can no longer be sealed, you should contact the FelsenFix professionals for a non-binding analysis of the rims. Also at signs of rust you can save a lot of money if you contact a specialist early enough.

Do not try this at home! These rim repairs are not permitted

  • heat treatments
  • Deformation and dent treatment
  • welding
  • Treatments for scratches deeper than 1 mm
  • Any structural repair of the material (including hairline cracks)


Just a scratch? – A specialist is needed to deal with these types of rim damage

If you notice damage to your rims, the first thing to do is to clean them. Possible scratches and dents are only really visible when the rim is clean. If you wish, we can take over FelgenFix near Hamburg the entire repair: 

Our service for rims around Hamburg and Bremen

  • Collection: Contact our friendly service team by phone or email. We can usually analyze scratches on site and give you a favorable treatment recommendation.
  • If necessary, we take the damaged rims for further analysis to our workshop in Stade near Hamburg.
  • If you wish, we can take over the entire process cleaning before treatment.
  • Repair: In the case of hairline cracks and scratches that go deeper than 1 mm, as well as dents and structural damage, even our professionals are not allowed to carry out repairs. Rims with such damage are unsuitable for road traffic! Even with supposedly small scratches, it's worth it FelgenFix-Analysis in our workshop for the whole north.
  • Coating: Even small scratches can develop into hairline cracks over time and become an invisible danger on the road. In order to avoid rust and corrosion, you should therefore also have minor damage that you cannot repair yourself treated by a professional.