Clean aluminum and chrome rims properly - so the rims shine like new!

Rim dirt is stubborn: road salt, brake dust and dirt from the road literally burn into the surface and take the shine off the rims. Through regular rim cleaning drivers can extend the life of their rims. Manual work is often required – Brake dust on the tires is only superficially cleaned in the automatic car wash.

Our FelgenFix Experts reveal how you can get aluminum rims and chrome rims clean without scratching: 

Remove stubborn dirt on aluminum rims - only possible by hand 

Braking on the road produces hot dust, which visibly settles on the wheel rims over time. The burned-in skid marks can usually only be softened with acidic rim cleaner. The higher the acid content, the more the agent attacks the coating. Use caustic cleaners as sparingly as possibleto protect the rim coating and the environment.


Step by step to a shiny rim

  • Apply cleaning agent and rub in. One environmentally friendly alternative to the caustic rim cleaner is toothpaste!
  • Rinse off after a short exposure time. It is best to use a water hose with a lot of pressure or a high-pressure cleaner to clean.
  • With rim polish you protect the surface from new dirt. Apply the polish to a microfiber cloth and spread it over the dry and clean rim surface. 


Special treatment for chrome rims

Chrome rims have a particularly smooth and reflective surface and therefore appear to be of much higher quality than matt aluminum rims. However, the delicate chrome coating needs a lot of care:

  • Pay attention to a gentle cleaning of the rims and always remove chrome rims before washing the car. Even coarse brushes and sponges should not be used on chrome coatings.
  • Do not use conventional rim cleaners! These contain acid which will damage the chrome plating. Special chrome rim cleaners are available from specialist retailers, but you can also use gentle cleaners such as washing-up liquid. All cleaning agents with a pH value between 5 and 9 are ideal.
  • Use a soft one dishwashing sponge and then polish the chromed surface with a microfiber cloth.
  • For chrome surfaces are im Felgenfix Shop special polishes that act like a protective layer for brake dust and other dirt.


First aid for your rims

If, despite all your efforts, your rims just don't look the same as they used to, our experienced team will help you FelgenFixTeam in Hamburg and surroundings. We remove scratches, bumps and other signs of wear and bring dirt-damaged rims back to a high gloss.